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Wait! Don't Throw That Jar Out!

5 Ways To Reuse Your Old Jars

I remember as a young child my grandmother having many jars around her house. Most were filled with buttons that she had removed from  old clothes.

I had jars for every denomination of coin. They make great piggy banks.

Conatainers For Those Small Items

The different size jars make great containers for a variety of different small items. Buttons, Q-Tips, Hair Ties. I am sure as you look around you will have even more ideas.

Needed Items;

Most of these items can be found at a local hardware store or on Amazon. 

  1. Paint jar(s) with primer
  2. Paint jar
  3. Paint Lid
  4. Seal Paint with sealant
  5. Add your Lid Handle


Soft Soap Dispenser

In my house the plastic soap dispensers are okay, but they are nothing like having a beautifully crafted soap dispenser that matches your decor.

Needed Items;


    1. Paint jar(s) with primer
    2. Paint jar
    3. Paint Lid
    4. Seal Paint with sealant
    5. Make hole in top of lid
    6. Glue Dispenser on to top of jar lid


Tissue Or Baby Wipe Container

With children around the house tissues and baby wipes are a must.

In the kitchen using disinfecting wipes are great and in my opinion even better when they are in their own beautifully crafted jar.

Needed Items;

  • Directions;

    1. Paint jar(s) with primer
    2. Paint jar
    3. Paint Lid
    4. Seal Paint with sealant
    5. Remove the lid (top) of the Kleenex container off
    6. Remove the inner part of the lid so that you have the white ring with the clear plastic
    7. Remove the Kleenex from the circular container and insert into the jar
    8. Add the clear part (that you removed earlier) and insert that into the jar ring
    9. Tighten the jar ring on your newly crafted Kleenex jar


Wall Decor

Which would be your delight? Wall sconce with fairy lights, a vase with beautiful flowers, wall sconce with a candle. Perhaps you have some other wonderful ideas.

The following instructions will help you with the sconces or vase.

Needed Items;


  1. Paint the jar if you wish.
  2. Add acrylic spray if painted
  3. If no painting is needed then cut the board to the desired size.
  4. Paint or stain board.
  5. Add acrylic spray if painted.
  6. Let it dry
  7. Put the fairy lights into the jar. Arrange them the way you would like. Make sure the battery pack is hidden but easy to get to.
  8. Add the hanger to the back of the wood.
  9. Using either a glue gun and glue sticks or a strong glue. Glue the hose clamp on to the board. Position it where you would like the neck of the candle jar to be.
  10. When the hose clamp is secured on the board add the jar in to the hose clamp and tighten.
  11. If you are using the Fairy Lights and want to hide the battery pack add a bouquet of flowers.

Your sconces are now ready to adorn your wall and WOW your family and friends!

Kitchen Canisters

I remember growing up and my mother must have gone to every Tupperware party and bought every item that there was. From a child’s point of view, that was everything! Plastic and more plastic!

This is probably one reason that I so love the idea of glass jars being decorated to handle the cooking utensils.

Needed Items;

  • Jars
  • Primer Paint
  • Spray Paint Or Craft Paint
  • Clear Acrylic Sealant
  • Labels (If you Like)
  • Utensils


  1. Paint the Jar(s)
  2. Add acrylic spray
  3. Add labels if so desired
  4. Add your kitchen utensils

Now you have added beauty and class to your kitchen. No more rumaging through the drawers for the right utensil!

I hope that you have enjoyed these tips on how to create more beauty within your home. I know that I have had fun sharing them with you!

You may find that some of the items are linked. If bought I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps fund this site so that I can continue to bring helpful articles free to you.